Deliverable 5.4 – Cost-Benefit Assessment Report

This document outlines the cost-benefit analysis for both towing and integrated eTaxi systems to determine the viability of these solutions. Initially, a qualitative overview of the costs and benefits is given. For towing, an analysis of a peak day at the top 25 airports in Europe is one, showing the maximum potential and the variation of fuel savings for different airports as well as the number of tow vehicles required to now all ground movements. Next, a more detailed analysis is done for both Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Paris Charles de Gaulle is done by looking at the trade-off between the number of towing vehicles and the potential savings per tow vehicle on that peak day. Finally, an analysis is done for installing eTaxi devices on aircraft within a fleet of ten European airlines taking into account how the aircraft equipped with these devices can be deployed within an airlines network to optimize the fuel saved on the ground vs. the additional fuel used in the air due to the additional weight.

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