Scientific Publications

Below are the scientific publications made by the AEON Consortium members in peer-reviewed journals as well as national and international conferences:

  • Varadarajan, M, Lanzi, P, Cousy M. (2021), A keystone to sustainable green aviation!, International Airport Review:
  • Simon van Oosterom and Mihaela Mitici (2022), Analyzing the impact of battery capacity and charging protocols on the dispatchment of electric towing vehicles at a large airport. AIAA AIVATION 2022, doi:10.2514/6.2022-3920
  • Cousy, M., Peyruqueou, V., Pierre, C., Priou, C., Vo, D. B., Garcia, J., Mitici, M., van Oosterom, S., Sharpanskykh, A., von der Burg, M., Roling, P., Spiller, E., Gottofredi, S., & Lanzi, P. (2022). AEON: TOWARD A CONCEPT OF OPERATION AND TOOLS FOR SUPPORTING ENGINE-OFF NAVIGATION FOR GROUND OPERATIONS. Towards Sustainable Aviation Summit, 18-20 October 2022, Toulouse:
  • Cousy, M., Gottofredi, S., (2022), Inter-Operating Supporting Tools For Green Taxiing Operations, 12th SESAR Innovation Days 2022:
  • S., van Oosterom, M., Mitici, J., Hoekstra, Dispatching a fleet of electric towing vehicles for aircraft taxiing with conflict avoidance and efficient battery charging, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Volume 147, 2023, 103995, ISSN 0968-090X,