The AEON project has recently participated in the last edition of SESAR Innovation Days. During this well-known conference, the Consortium presented a paper and a poster to illustrate the set of tools developed to assist ATCOs in managing the increased number of vehicles that may be introduced on the ground to cut fuel consumption and therefore improve local air quality. This set of tools consists of:

  • An HMI to support the new Tug Fleet Manager role in (re)allocating tugs to aircraft considering arrival and departure sequences.
  • An updated A-SMGCS HMI with information on the taxi techniques and the routing service is updated accordingly.
  • The new routing service also calculates speed profiles for aircraft pilots to smooth the flows.

The event gave the Consortium an additional opportunity to interact with the project stakeholders, sharing insights and paving the way for sustainable taxiing operations. The paper and poster are respectively available in the scientific publications and communication sections of this website.