A milestone in the AEON project

This "Increasing Automation in ATM and Airport Operation" event represents a milestone in the activities conducted by the AEON Consortium with the thorough involvement of the aviation industry. The event sets the conclusion of the project activities, the ones aimed to pave the way for a more sustainable concept of taxing operations. Similarly, the occasion

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The AEON Consortium is proud to announce that at the end of May 2022 was invited as a member of the Sustainable Taxiing Task Force (STX TF) of EUROCONTROL. The main objective of the TF is to deliver recommendations for procedure standardisation in order to remove (to the extent possible) one of the main barriers

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A paper on greener taxiing operations

In mid-October 2022, the Consortium participated in the Towards Sustainable Aviation Summit in Toulouse. The AEON project presented its second paper illustrating the project results after the validation session. After an overall description of the context of the application, the paper moves to the presentation of the concept, the inter-operating supporting tool and the validation

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AEON Validation: the results presented to the industry

We have talked several times about the validation activities of the AEON project and how the Consortium aimed to refine the concept of operations through an iterative approach. Now that the final evaluation session marks the end of the evaluation activities, the Consortium organised the Second Advisory Board meeting to present the results to the

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Greener Taxiing Operations being validated at ENAC

In the first week of July, the AEON Consortium met in Toulouse at the ENAC facilities to carry out the final evaluation of the operational concept that integrates engine-off taxiing techniques such as TaxiBots, E-Taxi, WheelTugs and Single-Engine Taxiing. The evaluation of AEON's solution began almost a year ago when the Consortium asked the Advisory

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Defining the future of airport ground operations

The AEON project has recently flown to Amsterdam Schiphol to meet the partners of the ALBATROSS project, an SJU-funded industrial project aiming to demonstrate how the technical and operational R&D achievements of last years can transform the current fuel-intensive aviation into an environment-friendly industry sector. The two Consortia were able to exchange the results from

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Evaluating the AEON prototype at Paris Airport

At the end of April, the AEON Consortium flew to Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle for the intermediate valuation session with the Ground ATCos. The activity is part of the Intermediate Evaluation that AEON carried out to increase the project prototypes fidelity. In particular, the session in Paris aimed to explore different alternatives for the AEON tools

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Schiphol steps in the AEON project

The Royal Schiphol Group has officially joined the AEON Consortium. The new partner is bringing in the project the experience matured in the individual TaxiBot trials carried out in 2020, within the ALBATROSS project, and even higher added value. The passion that drives the airport group to become the world's most sustainable airport will help

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Engine-off taxiing: a sound and scientifically based concept

The AEON project aims at developing an innovative concept of green taxiing operations based on the coordinated application of autonomous, non-autonomous, and single-engine taxiing operations. A preliminary version of the operational concept and associated tools and HMIs have already been developed and are going to be validated with the involvement of operational experts, mainly air

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Report on AEON First Advisory Board Meeting

Figure 1. AEON Advisory Board Composition On September 21, the AEON project gathered all the Advisory Board (AB) members in what come out as a pleasant and fruitful discussion. The well-balanced group of aviation stakeholders were called to provide their inputs on the initial concept of green taxiing techniques, developed by the Consortium

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