At the end of April, the AEON Consortium flew to Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle for the intermediate valuation session with the Ground ATCos. The activity is part of the Intermediate Evaluation that AEON carried out to increase the project prototypes fidelity.

In particular, the session in Paris aimed to explore different alternatives for the AEON tools with the concerned end-users, such as modifications to:

  • the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS),
  • the tools that help the Tug Fleet Manager, a new role considered in AEON, and
  • the Pilots’ moving maps

Although these are the three actors focused on by the project, most of the insights come from the Ground ATCOs that have helped identify additional showstoppers associated with these tools.

The second half of the intermediate evaluation session will be held at Schiphol airport by mid-June.

The inputs from both sessions, at Charles de Gaulle and Schiphol airport, will be used to help define the approach to be used during the Final Evaluation Exercises at the ENAC facilities in Toulouse, expected in the first week of July 2022.