The Royal Schiphol Group has officially joined the AEON Consortium. The new partner is bringing in the project the experience matured in the individual TaxiBot trials carried out in 2020, within the ALBATROSS project, and even higher added value. The passion that drives the airport group to become the world’s most sustainable airport will help the AEON project foster the development of greener taxiing technologies.

The Royal Schiphol Group will play a pivotal role in bridging AEON and ALBATROSS and ensuring knowledge exchange between research and industrial projects. Furthermore, the new AEON partner will help evaluate the application of the project’s CONOPS to its airport configuration, increasing the accuracy of the results that the AEON project will deliver after the summer of 2022.

Last but not least, the Royal Schiphol Group will consider the results produced by the AEON project in TaxiBots trials carried out for the ALBATROSS project.

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